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  • Cartoon Meditation (2014_07_16 06_45_14 UTC)

    Shamanic Psychotherapy

    Shamanic Psychology and Curanderismo (a type of Shamanic practice mostly found in Mexico) are forms of naturopathic medicine mostly found in South American indigenous cultures.  The practices involve utilizing the…more

    Mindfulness Meditation in Therapy

    Mindfulness Meditation has a multitude of benefits that contribute to health and well-being.  The benefits of mindfulness meditation are not only psychological but have also been documented to have physical,…more
  • visualize

    Visualization Meditation in Therapy

    This concept that visualizing your outcomes will help you create them is gaining popularity as more and more reputable studies are being done that prove the power of visualization and…more
  • Somatic Psychology

    Somatic Psychology, Counseling & Therapy

    If you’ve ever felt that your body reactions (rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking etc.) seem to be independent from what you are thinking or what is going on in your mind…more
  • buddhist psychology

    Buddhist Psychology

    As with many of the other practices and philosophies that we draw from, rather than incorporating the entirety of Buddhist Psychology, we incorporate a few aspects that we have found…more
  • MeditationRockHill

    Spiritual Psychology & Counseling

    Spirituality is a big concept and very difficult to define in words.  As terminology goes, it is important to mention that technically in the field of mental health, Spiritual Psychology,…more


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