Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Do you feel like your mind has a mind of its own? Or maybe you find yourself over reacting, becoming excessively angry, sad, agitated over things that you know rationally are not such a big deal. Even though you know there is not much to get upset about, you still find yourself reacting in a destructive, self-sabotaging way… If you’ve ever felt that you are overly reacting or emotional in proportion to the situation and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to change things then maybe Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help.

The theory behind cognitive behavioral therapy is that there are negative, irrational thoughts (often unconscious) that are behind the destructive, self-sabotaging behaviors.

If you are doing, saying or feeling a way that you don’t like, that is hurting you, your life aspirations, or people you love, then finding the thoughts behind those feelings, actions, and behaviors is key to changing the behaviors.

Cognitive has to do with thoughts / cognitions and behavioral has to do with behavior.

At Love Therapy Center, we incorporate CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) as just one aspect of the work that we do. Working with your thoughts is the first step in changing negative or unwanted behaviors and feelings but it is also important to balance it with the body sensations (see Somatic Psychology), feelings, and experiences (see Psychodynamic Therapy), mindfulness, and EMDR. By combining CBT with these other techniques in what we have come to affectionately call “Love Therapy” you can reach a much more profound level of change.

The Love Therapy Center Approach

When you have negative thoughts, the body responds accordingly. The body is ofent your first clue that there’s something going on – that there’s a negative irrational thought going on. It then can become a vicious cycle that keeps feeding into itself. The negative irrational thought creates a negative feeling in the body (felt as tension, pain, negative emotion, sadness, depression, anger, etc.) which then feeds and expands the negative thought and so on, back and forth.
An example of a negative thought might be “They don’t think I’m good enough, they don’t respect me”. Thinking “they don’t think I’m good enough” can make a person feel angry or sad, those emotions feed the thought and make it grow.

What we do at Love Therapy Center is to help you become aware of and identify those thoughts through the techniques as mentioned earlier in addition to cognitive therapy. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, once you are aware of the negative thoughts you use techniques for thought stopping and re-framing. In addition to thought stopping and re-framing, through the process of Love Therapy, we also focus on releasing the negative effects from your body and nervous system.

Through the different methods in addition to CBT per se changes, the goal is for your change to go beyond a willful conscious so that the change becomes a natural reaction to a new system of beliefs that are held not just cognitively but also somatically (in the body) and in the nervous system.

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