Biofeedback Therapy


In the heat of the moment, it is likely to say and do things we later regret. When something happens that hits a nerve (aka emotional wound) our emotions & nervous system go haywire. The heart beats rapidly, breath gets shallow, often feeling shaky, dizzy or you might even feel like you are going to die. Biofeedback and the HeartMath Institute’s EmWave can help you access your unconscious and gain control of your heart (HRV – heart rate variability), emotions, and nervous system.

This especially helps with anxiety and panic attacks.  It is possible to shift your emotional state when you are in a rage or panic. Not easy, and takes time but possible!  The more you practice breathing slowly and deeply while focusing on the heart while holding a heartfelt intention to shift your emotions, the easier it will become to find peace and calm no matter what is going on around you.

Biofeedback and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), when practiced together, have limitless potential.

  • Biofeedback helps in the moment of need
  • EMDR helps prevent the moment of need
How & Why Biofeedback & EMDR work:

As babies, we are born a blank slate. Every day is a learning process where we label and categorize everything. Our parents, extended family, neighborhoods, schools, peers, teachers, religious organizations, governments, and beyond become our programmers. Once labeled and categorized it gets stored in long-term memory and becomes largely unconscious.

We come to take what we learned as children as truth even if (and sometimes especially if) it is painful. Painful and traumatic experiences often lead to self-destructive decisions about ourselves and our world which leads to self-sabotaging actions, feelings, and thoughts that feel beyond control. This is because those decisions are stored in the body and become largely automatic. Similar to our heart rate, blinking, and breathing.

Biofeedback & EMDR are powerful ways to start accessing / interfacing with those unconscious forces.  In the heat of an argument, a tough deadline, or stressful event the best way to handle it. Is to be able to calm and soothe your nervous system. So you can return to a state of coherence and rational thinking.

When emotions become overwhelming, they can wreak havoc on your nervous system.

Which in turn hijacks your cerebral cortex (the main control center for problem-solving, decision making, and planning) and sends you into fight or flight mode, overriding your true intentions and often causing self-sabotage behavior.

You can learn how to strengthen the “muscle” that controls your emotional state and heart rate through a series of biofeedback sessions that give you a visual representation (see graph) of your internal system. This in turn can give you a greater ability to be able to identify that “muscle” and thereby strengthen it.

Imagine the sense of self-mastery in being able to respond with ease and finesse in the face of stressful, chaotic, or even traumatic events. This system is often used by first responders, police, military, and paramedics to help them maintain calm in the face of traumatic events.

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