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What is Love Therapy?

Loving Yourself

Love Therapy is focused on finding and releasing your most deep-rooted fears so your love can be freed. In Love Therapy, we work first on your love and acceptance of yourself. It is truly amazing how things around you will change by going through this process. When you truly love and accept yourself, you are more able to see other people’s actions. For what they truly are instead of viewing their actions as being “unloving”. You will begin to see how they are acting out of their own pain. And wounding, instead of thinking how little they love you. From this position you will have much more clarity. And ease in your reactions to them.

Loving Others

The more you love yourself and are not reacting to the wounds. And pain from those around you, the more you are going to see them change too. Even if they don’t seem to be trying. If you want to see change in your relationships the best place to start. Is in examining how you interpret the actions of those you love. When you find yourself in a place of not being reactionary. you will be amazed at 1) how differently you will see the same situation. And 2) how much your partner, family, children, etc. will actually start to HEAR YOU and respond!

Love therapy  aimed at discovering and processing the fear. That causes anxiety, panic, over-reactions and over-sensitivities. By using empirically tested and scientifically proven techniques. Such as EMDR and CBT you will be taken on a path of self-discovery. And healing that is focused on releasing your blocks to loving and being loved.

Your Relationship with You

When you love and accept yourself unconditionally. Your life starts to blossom organically. That’s what we aim for with Love Therapy. Moreover, Our goal is to help you remove those recurring patterns. That keeps you tethered to behaviors. That no longer serve you in the present moment.

Meet Our Happy Clients

” Yaji is well educated, kind, and very intuitive. Firstly, She knows the difference between the ego and the heart. And will identify it in an instant. Secondly, She is very effective in which tools to use. Such as Holistic Therapy & EMDR. To help overcome each challenge. In one appointment she did a technique that was a Mental/Emotional Release. And it completely reprogrammed my brain.”

Lillian S.

Lillian S.

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