Family Counseling

Relationships can be difficult, especially when one or both of you don’t agree on things. These things can be anything really… politics, differing memories of an event, how someone is living their life, a person’s intentions (this one is big). Most of us have at one point or another have had or currently have strained relations with one or several family members.

This can be particularly hard when grandchildren are born. Maybe you have issues with your mom / dad but want to have a grandparent for your children. Or maybe you are the grandparent and really wish you could be a part of your grand children’s lives.

It is possible to transcend the legacy of pain that has been handed down through the generations and break the cycle for your children / grandchildren.

The Love Therapy Method will walk you through the process of reconnecting step by step. By helping you understand and accept yourself then offering tools for effective communication and self advocacy you can break the cycle.

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