Kyle Fong

Kyle Fong

I was raised in a strict Chinese household. I struggled for many years as a child and teenager who had no aspirations and no mental support. I was desperate and codependent. This resulted in an early rushed marriage and having kids unprepared. If you have a similar experience, you are not alone and it does not have to be like that forever. I empathize with my clients who tell me about their childhood neglect/abuse. As a survivor myself, I have been there and have climbed out of that depressing hole. I am not shy to be a model for my client’s recovery by sharing my own therapy experience. Being able to help others in similar childhood upbringing is the most meaningful and gratifying experience in my life.
Healing begins with knowledge, understanding, curiosity, and compassion for yourself. My practice can give you the needed safe guidance to revisit your childhood and reach a resolution to move forward and grow stronger. My negative core beliefs dictated my life for 35 years. Learn from my past; I can guide you to overcome your vulnerabilities. AF EMDR, Brianspotting, and Super Resourcing therapies transformed my life. It worked so well I decided to make it my specialties. In addition, I have taught CBT classes for one year. Over a hundred of my clients have told me that our therapy sessions have helped them overcome low self esteem, anxiety, panic, OCD, trauma, depression, phobias, sleep paralysis, guilt, shame, and more.

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