Shamanic Psychotherapy

Shamanic Psychology and Curanderismo (a type of Shamanic practice mostly found in Mexico) are forms of naturopathic medicine mostly found in South American indigenous cultures.  The practices involve utilizing the power of organic, earth based symbolic items such as stones, herbs, oils, incense, chanting (sound and rhythm), visualization (often referred to as journeying) and vibration (energy) to promote health and healing.  The idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience is prominent and getting in touch with the Spirit and the Spirit world promotes healing both psychologically and physically.

Love Therapy incorporates Shaminism in Therapy in two main ways: guided visualizations and the concept that everything is energy (which scientifically, is actually true).  Visualization to activate the journey through your lifetime, history and sometimes even into past lifetimes (if that works for you).  Vibration or energy to harness the innate power you have (think placebo effect) through the use of intention and positive thinking.  Many of these concepts are also strongly aligned with concepts from the Law of Attraction in therapy with the focus being to change your thoughts and energy vibration (aka body sensations).

Change your energetic vibration by changing your emotional state.  Change your emotional state by changing your thoughts.  Change all of these things by harnessing the power of your Spirit and aligning with your true authentic self.  This is the essence of shamanic psychology and curanderismo in therapy.

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