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    Body & Somatic Psychotherapy

    If you’ve ever felt like your mind wants one thing but your body refuses to listen it’s time to start thinking about Somatic Therapy. Maybe you know your partner doesn’t mean to forget things and you try to tell yourself that but for some reason your heart starts to palpitate and you start to sweat when you know the situation doesn’t fit your body reaction then this is the right place for you. Somatic Psychotherapy, once mainly for trauma, when properly integrated in your therapy can have very powerful results.

    Therapy sometimes doesn't work because :

    it forgets about your body’s feelings. Even if your brain says you’re great, your body might disagree, leading to not-so-great choices.

    With Somatic Psychology you can learn how to trust your gut and go with your heart without hesitation. There is a trick to knowing how to listen to your Body and Somatic Psychotherapy can show you how.

    When you connect your mind, body, and soul, you uncover your true feelings and instincts – this is the path to true intuition, deep knowing and quite possibly psychic abilities such as remote viewing, healing and influencing.

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