Yaji Tramontini

Yaji Tramontini

LMFT, EMDR-Founder
Love Therapy is unlike your typical counseling and talk Therapy. As a result In that you will find more guidance and involvement from your therapist, using guided techniques that are inclusive of mind, body and…
Therapist with eyeglasses

Lois Ochrym

I have worked with individuals and couples for over 15 years using a variety of modalities to help clients and couples resolve core issues. EMDR is an evidence-based modality that helps individuals heal from trauma…

Nathalie Magnus


Being human can be hard.   At the end of the day, no matter where you go or what you do, there you are!  This is what is meant by the term “existential crisis.”  “What…

Woman with light on her face

Megan Pappas

Welcome! Congratulations on beginning the first steps on your therapeutic journey. I believe in a holistic approach that incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual self. My approach is client-centered, incorporating a humanistic focus…

Jennifer Pla

Behavioral Analyst, M.Ed, BCBA, RYT
Parenting can be hard, especially in this new world. With difficulties that arise from different parenting styles, blended families, step parenting, and now, learning to navigate the challenges arising from all the change our world…
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