Do you take responsibility for your own happiness?

Is happiness something we seek or something we choose?

What do you choose?

Happiness is a decision. We often seek happiness in other people or in situations when in reality only we can make ourselves happy.

If we aren’t happy with our current situation how can we expect to be happy in another situation?

If we want to be happy, we have to be happy on purpose.

Do we speak life into situations or focus on the negative?

All sunshine makes a desert. Being happy is about seeing the beauty in life. Looking beyond the imperfections.

What is life teaching you now? What are you choosing to focus on?

We often lose ourselves in the past and then compare our journey to others. This will only steal from our happiness. You are the only you there is, that is your power.

Don’t you deserve to be happy.

Yes! You deserve to be happy. You are worthy of this choice.

What do you choose?

Happiness will not come to you. Happiness can only come from you.

As you focus on your own happiness. You will radiate and share that happiness with others. Choose you. Choose love. Choose happiness.

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