Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Ancient Wisdom & Spiritual Traditions

Ancient Wisdom / Spiritual Traditions are the loving traditions that have been passed down to us from our connected and loving ancestors and through indigenous cultures living close to the land and in sync with the cycles of nature, earth and the cosmos.  

Wisdom traditions honor the symbolic / energetic frequency of all things – in particular the cycles of the planets, seasons, and 4 elements. 

The field of Transpersonal Psychology recognizes the Spiritual dimensions and levels of consciousness depicted in ancient wisdom traditions.

Awareness of and respect for the natural world can bring a sense of belonging and hope that can get lost in the rush of modern-day life.  

Together with your coach you can relearn how to incorporate this wisdom and reconnect to your Spirit for a greater sense of belonging and connection… to yourself, your Higher Power, God, Divine, the Collective Unconscious, and Spirit.

Learn more about how you can experience Ancient Wisdom & Spiritual Traditions in your Therapy or Coaching by visiting these pages:  

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